Completion of the Charles University campus at Albertov

Praha - Albertov 2017

Development and overall renovation of the University Campus – Campus of the Charles University in Prague - at the site of Prague landmark, create together with two science-research objects/centres rejuvenation and completion of the whole University Campus. Campus is not only simple cluster of buildings in ordinary urban environment but is specific, lively, functional, ingenious place, inspiring one to stay and where people and thoughts meet. Project of the Campus for the first time in history proposes the complex solution of the site including designation of site boundary, design of university administration, and all topics such as street/public space ae. design of surfaces, greenery, traffic, lighting, street furnishings, orientation signs, small scale architecture and artistic elements.

Public buildings, Office building, Buildings for science and research, Urbanism, Buildings for Education
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Praha - Albertov
Univerzita Karlova v Praze
Completion and rejuvenation of the University Campus
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